Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ev loses his first tooth

Everett lost his first tooth while at the ball field last night.   He is officially a big kid.  He said, "It's like having a nose bleed in your mouth!"  Nice.
Maisie was thoroughly disgusted and said she never wants anyone to "pick her teeth out".

Monday, September 09, 2013

Maisie's First Day of School

Today it was Maisie's turn to have a first day of school :-)  This year she is in a half day program geared 5YO's who have late birthdays.   Maisie is in the Outstanding Owl class and she is sooooo excited :-)

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

VBS 2013

This week has been so hectic and crazy.  Getting my crew up and out of the house by 8:00 am consistently in the summer time is no easy task.  But my, oh my, has it been worth it!
I am helping my friends Camm, Jenny, Heather and Jo put on their annual VBS at church.  The work these ladies do every year is unmatched!  And the kids they serve are AMAZING!  So many are from the surrounding neighborhood and this is their only chance to hear, and more importantly see and feel The Gospel.  To watch these kids transform throughout the week is just the greatest.
One of the kids in my "crew", who up to now has been sooooo quiet and reserved, almost angry at times, asked me to pray for his mom because she is homeless in D.C.  I wanted to cry.  But I didn't I just gave him a big hug and said, "Sure!".
I did not realize how much I missed serving these kids!  Yes, they are a pain and unruly at times, but I really do love being with them.  I had forgotten how much of a difference I can make when I allow God to use me.   Over the past several years, I have not served, not in the way God made me to.  This week my heart feels full again.  And not only mine, but my kids', especially Quentin, who is helping lead a different group of kids with one of my BFF's dad.
It has been an amazing week so far!  I can't wait to go back tomorrow :-)

 Squeeze the Sponge...Classic.

 Esther the Queen

 Craft time w/ Mrs. Adler

 E. and his "Belt of Truth"
 Best VBS game ever!  LOL!

 Team Work

 Dance Time!!

 I swear this kid is made of 45% rubber!  He is AMAZING, especially for 7YO!  I am determined to get some better pics this week :-)

Monday, July 29, 2013

275th Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair

Ah!  The Fair!  I LOVE the fair!  I love the rides, I love the smells, I love the carnies!  I find it all absolutely hysterical.
Today my sister, Thomasina, took our 2 oldest to her house for a couple of days.  Todd and I decided to take the little kids to the fair, which is in town this week.  Oh, it was fun!  From watching the kids enjoy the rides to listening to the carnies try to get us to play their games.

We always visit the animals first.  Maisie and Everett were really disappointed in the chickens.  They both suggested that Chicken Scratch should definitely enter a few of our flock next year "to show them some REALLY nice chickens!" (Everett)
Then it was on to the rides!!  Maisie is our roller coaster lover.  The faster the better.  Everett, while not a fan of the faster rides, will NEVER be out done (especially by this little sister).    

 These little cars were their FAVORITE ride!  I can remember riding 
these SAME cars when I was little.  

 The Scrambler!!  One of my favorites!!

  The Tilt-A-Whirl was hysterical!  They came around about three times and both were all smiles.  The fourth time around Maisie was still smiling, but Ev was looking a little green.  He made it through without puking :-)
On the Ferris Wheel with Everett & Maisie

 View from the top :-)
 We stopped to see the animals one last time before heading home.  Maisie was tuckered out.  
 Everett closed down the fair with a pony ride on his steed "Geronimo".  He said next time he was going to bring his cowboy hat and pistol.  haha!
Yes, I do love a trip to the fair!  

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Forts and Storms

My niece Savannah is in town for a few days and she and the boys have been building a fort in the woods down at the barn.  It has been keeping them all very busy.  Today I decided to go check it out and take Maisie with me.
The boys let me know that there was an initiation process that Maisie and I had to go through before we were allowed to make the trek through the woods and see the fort.  Maisie and I each had to throw 4 rocks into The Bog of Eternal Stench (a.k.a. The Little Pond).  We had only 5 tries to hit the Bogg and if we couldn't do it, or if we hit a tree OR if we complained we were, as Walker put it, "Out!"  Luckily for Maisie and I we both were able to successfully (and happily) complete the task.  Whew!
Then it was a long and winding trek through the woods and thorns, dodging cow piles and crossing homemade bridges, complete with hand rails "that you really shouldn't lean on".   Finally we made it through and into a very nice clearing and came upon The Fort.

I have to admit, as a fort builder myself from waaaayyy back, I was impressed.  They have a pretty sweet set up.  All of them are looking forward to camping down there really soon.
After visiting for a while I mentioned that rain was moving in and we better make our way up to the house.  So we started the trek back to the Green Jean (my golf cart).

Everett was so excited for Maisie to see the fort!  He offered to help her through the woods.  ***CUTENESS***
As we were walking the rain started moving in, fast and hard.  Savannah, Quentin and Walker said they wanted to weather the storm in the fort.  There was no thunder and lightning, so I told them to go for it and told the little kids to pick up the pace!   We were back on the narrow path and it REALLY started coming down.  Everett started running, scampering under fences, zigging and zagging, leaving Maisie and I in the dust...or more accurately, mud. 
While my daughter has many wonderful talents and traits, speed is not one of them.  We were drenched and the rain was only getting harder!  I looked at her, smiled, grabbed her little hand and said, "Let's run," and started a jog.  She did try to run and then promptly tripped and fell and I, still holding tight to her hand, dragged her through a cow pile and she lost her shoe.  She cried.  Who could blame her?  I helped her up and found her shoe.  Then said calmly, "This is fun isn't it?"  She wasn't buying it.  I gave up and said, "Let's just get to Green Jean".    Which we did.   Everett was there waiting for us.  
I don't think I'll go back down to the fort anytime soon.  And if I do I will be sure to check the radar :-)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conversation Between Maisie and Me

I called Maisie downstairs, where she was being too quiet, to ask her a question about preschool.  After we talked she said:
Maisie: OK!  I am going to go back upstairs.
Me:  What are you doing up there?
Maisie:  Nothing.
Me:  Are you playing with dollies?
Maisie:  I said nothing.
Me:  Are you playing with trains?
Maisie:  Not yet.
Me: You are not playing video games are you?  Because you didn't ask for permission.
Maisie:  I am just going to go upstairs, now.
Me:  Maisie, you are not allowed to play video games right now.
**Long Pause**
Maisie:  Okay.
**She starts to go upstairs, turns around, looks right at me**
Maisie:  Mom?
Me:  Yes.
Maisie:  Your teeth are crooked.
**Turns and goes upstairs**


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Promise This Has A Happy Ending (and i may have a very sick sense of humor)

Yesterday we got home from a 3+ hour baseball game that Todd coached and Q played in while it rained.  It was their team's (Red Sox) first win of the year.  We are all elated!  Elated, until Everett and Maisie go upstairs to get ready for bed.  From the top of the steps we hear, "Umm, guys??," from Everett and "OH.  MY.  GOSH!!" from Maisie.  We rushed upstairs to find the gerbil cage, not just empty, but knocked to the ground and torn into pieces.  And there sitting beside the wreckage was Earl, our cat.

The boys were quite upset that their beloved cat, Earl, had seemingly eaten their beloved gerbils, Gimley, Johnny and Jefferson.  As we were cleaning up the carnage, we spy some movement in the corner of the room.  It was Johnny (Everett's gerbil)!!  HOORAY!  It wasn't a total loss!   Everyone went to bed a little happier, with a little hope.

Early this morning I was sitting at the breakfast table with Maisie, talking and reading the paper, when I heard something upstairs.  It was a definite scratching noise.  We creeped up the steps to eventually find, after much searching, Jefferson (Walker's gerbil!)  HOORAY!! (again).  

Life moved on throughout the day, we kept the doors closed "just in case" Gimley was still around somewhere, but we all noticed a real satisfied look on Earl's face and were not holding out much hope at this point.

Eventually it was dinner time, everyone was in a happy mood and hungry.  All of the kids were clambering around the dinner table (which I should point out looks into our foyer, which is also where the steps to our basement are) chit-chatty and excited as it was one of their favorite meals, steak bites.  Then without warning there was an audible gasp from Q, who was looking into the foyer.   And there was Earl, holding a limp Gimley right in the middle of his body, so that he hung in a perfect rainbow shape from his mouth.   Right.  At.  Dinner.  Time.  The cat had a look on his face that nonchalantly said, "WHAT?"  Todd immediately springs into action, picking the cat up and kind of shaking it a bit.  It should be pointed out here that we have never been cat owners and it was really obvious that we had no action plan for this scenario.  But the shaking seemed to work as Earl dropped Gimley from his mouth and the gerbil hit the wood floor with an audible "thump".  Todd, always thinking, scooped Gimley off of the floor and whisked him away to the bedroom.  Quentin was hot on his heels, trying not to cry.

I, on the other hand, was hiding in the kitchen laughing hysterically.  The scene was too much.  The fact that the stupid cat picked THAT moment, when we were all gathered to bring the limp gerbil up from the basement.   The look on the cat's face.  But it was the "shake and thump" that put it all over the top.  It was like a scene from a comedy!  Todd found the whole thing funny too, he's just a better parent than I am.  But every time we would pass each other in a room we would hide behind something a crack up.  And during dinner he would catch my eye and drop a steak bite from his hand so it hit the plate with a thump.   The kids were of course oblivious, but it would send Todd and I into hysterics.

I know this all sounds cruel, and it would be, except that the stupid gerbil LIVED!  He is back in his cage with his "brothers" and all is well.  And the kids spent the rest of the dinner time commenting on what a strong gerbil Gimley is.  ROFL!

I love my weird life...and family!