Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 10-July 15th-Slow Day

Day 10, July 15th

This morning we slept until 7:30, which was a real change from our normal 5:00 am wake up times.  It felt great!  And we all had slept like rocks. 

Everett’s head was still hurting really bad after breakfast this morning.  It was obvious that Ev could not handle the hike we had planned (into the canyon) so he and I stayed behind.  My sister used to suffer from similar headaches and would get relief from a dark quiet place.  I tried to find a room for Ev & I to check into, but everything was booked for miles.  We would have to make do with a bright sunny day in the RV.   Todd lead the family in prayer before he and the other kids went off for their hike.  He asked God to give us all strength and to relieve any tension Ev may be feeling. 

I gave Ev some ibuprofen, which he took reluctantly because he believed it was only masking the pain.  I also made up a “placebo” of sorts (made up of water, orange essential oil and some sugar for taste) to give him in between the time he could take another dose of ibuprofen.  He really is in pain, but a lot of it is “in his head”  literally and figuratively.  I made him a “nest” up in the loft of the RV and closed some curtains, making it as dark as possible. 

He slept for HOURS!!  When he woke up he felt 100% better!  We were all praising God!

Todd and the other kids had an awesome time on their hike! 

That evening we hung around the camp, made a campfire, roasted hotdogs, sausages and marshmallows.

After the kids were in the bed Todd and I stayed up around the fire planning the next leg of our trip.  We also marveled at the stars which were amazing, even at the campground! 

So much to be thankful for tonight! 

Below are some pictures Todd & Q took on their hike.  Walker & Quentin hiked down into the canyon.  Todd & Maisie stayed around the rim.

Some pretty flower shots compliments of Q

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A little lunch at the rim of Bryce Canyon

Little chipmunk

In the Canyon

Q & W venturing into the canyon

Everett awake and feeling better

Roasting marshmallows

Everett & Maisie gathering kindling for the campfire.  Ev gathered, Maisie carried them in her pack.

Sausages and onions

...and hot dogs

Ready for bed, Everett on the sleeper sofa, Quentin, Walker and Maisie in the loft.
Another pretty picture from Q

Q & W found a tunnel in the canyon.